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Coping with extreme market volatility

The power and gas markets are under extreme and unprecedented pressure, rising energy prices, uncertainty about pipeline supply, increased demand in Asia and closure of nuclear and coal fired power plants across Europe.

The 2021 peak shifted the scenario significantly in Europe, imposing new challenges to trading executives and trading companies.

ETCSEE 2022 happening in Budapest on 15 - 16 June, will provide you with a deep dive into the developments of markets in Central & South Eastern Europe, discussing what strategies have been put in place, what are the lessons learned and what the future looks like.

Join us in Budapest to discover: 

  • Did the markets prove that they are appropriately set to withstand extreme conditions?

  • What kind of analyses and conclusions have been made?

  • What regional developments should we keep an eye on?

  • What are the main price drivers for both power and gas for the short and long term?

  • What are the trends and changes in the regional CPPA market?

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ETCSEE 2022 Speakers

The 2022 Programme

For the Gas market, discussions will evolve around storage capacity and the security of supply. We will cover the entire SEE and CEE region. Some of the highlights will be the discussions about security of supply, the Romanian market and the SEEGAS platform.

In the Power market focused sessions we will discuss development of flexibility, updates in the power market design, a dedicated western Balkan trading panel and above all, scenarios for future power price development. We will also allocate special attention to the future for carbon markets and the EU ETS and to the regional market for corporate sourcing of renewable energy through PPA’s. Sessions will include:


  • Volatile energy markets, lessons learned

  • Energy price drivers

  • The future for carbon markets and EU ETS

Gas Track:

  • European gas price volatility, insights for Central Eastern Europe

  • Market update for the South Eastern European gas market

  • Security of Supply for Natural Gas Markets

Power Track:

  • Corporate Sourcing of Renewable Energy in CSEE

  • Regional Power market insights from South Eastern Europe

  • How are flexibility and market integration developing in CEE power market?

*Session titles are still subject to change

ETCSEE Live Event

Digital Series

In Cooperation with Enlit Europe, ETCSEE brings you online interviews, webinars and articles about the European Energy Markets, 365 days a year. This way, you can listen to our expert speakers whenever you want, wherever you want. 

Our interviews give an insight of what’s on the mind of our energy trading community, while in our interactive online sessions, we discuss the market design, power and gas prices, market forecasts, innovative products, technology in trading and more.


About Our Programme

  • "ETCSEE has always been the best conference for the energy trading quarters to learn recent developments and trends in Central and South Eastern Europe energy markets."
    Eser Özdil