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Speaker Guidelines

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Speaker Guidelines

Below are some general guidelines to follow when presenting at ETCSEE 2024


Being a presenter at ETCSEE can be an exciting experience and we are committed to assisting you in making sure your presentation is a success.

There are many logistical details that are best organised in advance, so your cooperation in responding to the various deadlines communicated to you is very much appreciated.

Making a good impression during a presentation is essential: it means a better response to your presentation from the audience, resulting in potentially new contacts / business. We, therefore, advise you to develop a presentation as interactive and informative as possible by using clear language and not relying on PowerPoint to get your message across.

Try to be different, engaging, inspiring and, wherever possible, feel free to add anecdotes, stories or visual material to make your talk stand out.

Key Guidelines

  • All presentations are 15 minutes long unless otherwise specified.
  • All PowerPoint slides should have a ratio of 16:9.
  • Maximum 15 slides per presentation.
  • We advise you not to read from the slides or from your notes - non-scripted deliveries are far more engaging and personal.
  • Restrain from self-publicity. Product and services marketing is typically poorly received by the audience and is not allowed.
  • Your presentation must be created specifically for this event, to avoid any repetition of other events.

If you still have questions, please contact, for clarification.

Audiovisual Equipment

The conference room is equipped with:

  • Screen, where your presentation will be displayed
  • Laptop to upload your presentation (located at the Technician AV Desk)
  • Clip on the microphone for speaker/moderator
  • Stage with lectern and microphone for speaker
  • Handheld microphones for Q&A

If you have any special audiovisual requirements, please contact us before 6 May. AV technicians will be available each day to upload presentations on the conference laptop and assist speakers with technical issues.

Practical Information

Speaking slot, 15 minutes 
Each speaker has 15 minutes for his/her presentation (see the Conference Programme) with 5 minutes allocated to questions from the audience. When you are preparing your talk, we suggest you plan for a presentation time of 15 minutes; this will give the chairman enough time to introduce you. Please ensure that your presentation does not run over the time allocated.

Presentation format 
The presentation format should be compatible with Microsoft Office 2010.

Arrival at the conference room 
Arrival should be 30 minutes prior to the start of the session. On arrival, check that your presentation has been correctly uploaded onto the conference laptop and that the PowerPoint file runs correctly.

Online Presentations

All presentations will be published on the ETCSEE website after the event, for a limited period of time.
Conference delegates will receive a web link and password to access the papers.
Should you wish your presentation not to be uploaded online, please let us know by 6 June.