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Conference Presentations 2022

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Conference Presentations 2022


15 June

Plenary Opening Sessions - AM

Volatile Energy Markets, Lessons Learned (Panel - No slides available)

Yusuf İlimsever, Deputy General Manager - Enerjisa Europe

Mark Copley, CEO - EFET (European Federation of Energy Traders)

Christian Baer, Secretary General - Europex


Davor Bajs, Electricity infrastructure expert- Energy Community

Csilla Bartok, Team Leader for Gas Markets and Energy Retail - ACER

Gas Track

European Gas Price Volatility, Insights for Central Eastern Europe

Ágnes Horváth, Chief Economist - MOL Group (Download presentation)

Volker Lauer, Gas Origination East - RWE Supply & Trading (Did not use slides)

Gottfried Steiner, CEO - Central European Gas hub AG (Dowload presentation)

Vlad Popescu, Head of Gas Department - MET Romania Energy (Did not use slides)



Market Update for the South Eastern European Gas Market

Gregor Weinzettel, Gas Expert - Energy Community

Yuliya Georgieva, Gas Origination and Trading Manager - Overgas

Lisse Geert van Vliet, Business Developer - Ukrainian Energy Exchange

Gerasimos Avlonitis, Market Development Manager - DESFA SA (Download presentation)

Aura Sabadus, senior energy journalist at ICIS and Research Fellow - Energy Community

Emmanouil Kalaitzakis, Director, Strategy & Business Development - HEnEx S.A.

Eser Özdil, Managing Director - Glocal Group Consulting (download presentation

Power Track

Regional Power Market Insights from South Eastern Europe

Herodotus Antonopoulos, President - ESEPIE

Vojkan Tomašević, Advisor to the board & General Director of EFT Furnizare - EFT Group

Sokol Spahiu, Chairman - Albanian Association of Electricity Suppliers (AAES)

Dejan Draskovic, COO - MEPX - Montenegrin Power Exchange

Hüseyin Yeğin, Head of Power Trading and Origination - Enerjisa Europe

Omiros Vlachos, Long Term Trading Director - PPC S.A. (Download presentation)




Developments and Market Integration in CEE Power Markets

Balasz Felsmann, Chairman of the Board - HETA (Hungarian Energy Traders' Association)

Laurentiu Urluescu, Chairman - AFEER (The Romanian Association of Energy Suppliers)

Łukasz Kasner, Head of Power Trading - CEZ

András Hazlach, Director of Proprietary Trading - MVM Partner

Jozsef Balogh, Business Developer - AXPO

Silvia Messa, Senior energy analyst - Volue Insight (download presentation)

Lisse Geert van Vliet, Business Developer - Ukrainian Energy Exchange

Babett Pavlics, CEO - Keler CCP

Łukasz Goliszewski, Vice President of the Management Board - IRGiT

Christos Nikolaidis, Chief Operating Officer - EnExClear

Varun Gaur, Deputy General Manager - energy & meteo systems GmbH

Plenary Sessions - PM

Energy Price Drivers

Barbara Lempp, Secretary General - EFET Deutschland

David Assaad, Director Marketing & Customer Solutions - EPEX SPOT

Justin Colley, European Electricity Editor - Argus media

Felicia Aminoff, Energy transitions analyst - BloombergNEF

Jozsef Turai, Trading director - L-NRG Energy Trading Plc. (Download presentation)


16 June

Plenary Sessions - AM

The Future Energy Market Design

Peter Styles, Executive Vice Chair of the EFET Board - EFET

László Szabó, Director - REKK (Regional Centre for Energy Policy Research)

Pierre Dechamps, Senior Adviser - FTI Consulting

Grzegorz Onichimowski, Senior Consultant - NODES

Luka Jazbec, Head of Regulation and Compliance - GEN-I

Gas Track.

Security of Supply for Natural Gas Markets (Panel - No slides available)

Davide Rubini, Head of Regulatory affairs - Vitol

Victor Manoliu, Market Design & Innovation Manager - Engie Romania

Aura Sabadus, senior energy journalist at ICIS and Research Fellow - Energy Community

Sefa Furkan Gül, Head of Gas Trading and Origination - Enerjisa Europe & Energy Traders Association Member

Power Track. 

Corporate Sourcing of Renewable Energy in CSEE

Jan Haizmann, Chairman of the Legal Committee - EFET

Varinia Radu, Partner & Deputy Head of CEE Energy Projects - CMS law (Download presentation)

Nikola Gazdov, Chairman - APSTE - Association for Production, Storage and Trading of Electricity / Re-Source (Download presentation)

Dina Lašová, Head of Sales and Customer Relations - PXE

Plenary Closing Session - PM

Energy Security and Gas Sector Decarbonisation (Panel - No slides available)

Anne-Sophie Corbeau, Global Research Scholar - Center on Global Energy Policy

Lavinia Tanase, International Energy Regulatory Expert

Argun Karacay, Co-Founder/Managing Director - Pure Energy

Gottfried Steiner, CEO - Central European Gas hub AG

Ádám Balogh, Senior Energy Infrastructure Expert - Energy Community