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Energy Traders Association (ETD) was founded by leading energy trading companies holding Electricity Wholesale Licenses in 2010 to promote liberal energy trading and development of sustainable, transparent and liquid markets in Turkey.  The Istanbul-based Association currently has 50 members.  

ETD is mandated to facilitate and promote universal rules, regulations and standards enabling fair trading environment towards a liberal energy market in Turkey. ETD’s functions include not only supporting establishment of preliminary infrastructure ensuring transparent and accessible prices and market information for all, but also introduction of a widely accepted standard contracts and an ethical code.  In order to fulfill its objectives, ETD cooperates with many national and international Governmental and Non-Governmental institutions.

In terms of national connections and works, ETD participates in and organizes joint working groups including both members of ETD and Institutions such as Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources, Energy Markets Regulation Authority, Competition Board, TEİAŞ (Turkish System Operator), EPİAŞ (Energy Markets Operation Company), Istanbul Exchange etc. Main subjects of this joint work are liberalization and competition, standardization, legal infrastructure of both wholesale and retail trade issues, transparency. We are proud of being very active during process of foundation of EPİAŞ and development of markets under its frame, structuring products transacted in Istanbul Exchange and development of volume and operational enhancement of OTC markets in Turkey.

In terms of international connections, ETD and EFET (European Federation of Energy Traders) organized multiple meetings introducing the EFET Agreement to market participantsand created a working group on the adaptation of the EFET Agreement into the Turkishmarket. Finally, EFET General Agreement Turkey version (EFET TR) was launched on 22 July 2011 Inserir/Editar Âncora. Our efforts and studies towards introducing demand response management toTurkish energy market in cooperation with some European companies and institutions cameto a visible level in regulatory frameworks. We are one of energy sector organisations, whichis invited to consultation meetings and interviews for various reports on Turkish energymarket, prepared by international organisations such as The World Bank Group and International Energy Agency.



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