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14 Dec 2020

EFET SEssion 3: Towards a pan-European hydrogen market

One of the key objectives set out in the EU Hydrogen Strategy is to move towards a liquid market with commodity-based hydrogen trading. In this episode we discussed how to move from vision to action, enabling a pan-EU hydrogen market beyond the existing market for hydrogen as chemical feedstock.

Questions addressed:

  • Why does hydrogen need to become an integral element of Europe's Internal Energy Market?
  • What are the key principles that a future market design for hydrogen should be based on? How to enable a liquid market with commodity-based hydrogen trading?
  • Is a harmonised EU-wide framework for GoOs and GCs achievable?
  • Could'alignment between the' EU' Hydrogen' Strategy,' the' EU' System' Integration Strategy,' RED' II' revision'and review of'MRR reinforce'the'uptake of' GoOs'for hydrogen and other types of gases?

Moderator: Doug Wood, Board member, EFET


  • Peter Biltoft-Jensen, RES-gas Working Group Chair, EFET
  • Christopher Jones, Part-time Professor, Florence School of Regulation & Principal, Energy Regulatory and Antitrust at Baker McKenzie
  • Jorgo Chatzimarkakis, Secretary-General, Hydrogen Europe



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