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Hungarian Power Exchanges takes an appreciated, leading place in the Central-Eastern-European region. As the operator of the innovative organized Hungarian electricity market it advances and accelerates the cash flow of electricity market, and escalates the volume, liquidity and efficiency of the energy market by its regulation, fair trading frames, publicity, traceable rates and the revival of investors' trust. The transparent, standardized market mechanism and the liberalized market operation serve the safety of domestic power supply, the cost efficiency of trading and the upswing of developments, investments in the power industry. The organized electricity market operated by HUPX Ltd. contributes to the efficiency of the entire domestic economic production and the moderation of the increasing consumer electricity prices.

HUPX is proud to have the first Hungarian Organized Guarantees of Origin Market. Biogas, geothermal, hydro, landfill gas, solar, waste, wind – these are the sources of renewable energy volumes, which are being traded just now on our new market!

ICome visit us and ask our experts about HUPX markets!



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