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HUPX Ltd. is the operator of the organized Hungarian spot power market with leading position in Central and Eastern Europe.

Hungarian energy markets stand at the crossroads between the Balkans, Western and Northern Europe, where the Hungarian organized market provides the reference price towards the Balkan region. This is an important and valuable position that makes HUPX a significant regional electricity exchange with massive liquidity, and a key stakeholder in the regional context.

The firmly structured and organized power markets and the local hub character of Hungary attracts foreign energy traders, which results a truly international and constantly growing trading member portfolio of HUPX.

HUPX provides high quality exchange services for the power markets in a transparent and non-discriminatory manner. The Hungarian Power Exchange grants its members with secure trading platforms and excellent customer services to make trading easy and safe on a constantly moving market.

Through its regulation and adopted trading framework, HUPX promotes the liquidity of the Hungarian energy market, and supports the flow of the working capital in the energy sector on the regional level. 

Besides electricity, HUPX is the operator of the first pan-European guarantees of origin (GO) market. The market is an emerging force in Europe, and it provides reliable price signals of guarantees of origin certificates, which supports the development of green energy businesses and the energy transition.



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