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CEZ Group’s vision is to introduce innovations for addressing energy needs, contributing to greater quality of life.

CEZ is one of the largest companies in the Czech Republic and a leading energy group operating in Western and Central Europe.  CEZ Group has committed to set an example and make the energy sector sustainable, more environmentally friendly, and conscious in regard to our planet.  A priority for CEZ is greater diversity, closer cooperation with communities, and an approach to customers that is as accommodating as possible, offering them the best technological and energy-efficient solutions.

The foundation of power generation at CEZ Group are emission-free sources.  The CEZ strategy named Clean Energy for Tomorrow is based on ambitious decarbonisation, development of nuclear energy, and a significant increase in the number of renewable sources of energy that we build for our customers’ needs.  Recently, CEZ announced that it would move forward its climate-neutrality commitment by ten years, to 2040.

Aside from emission-free production, CEZ’s main business includes energy distribution and sales, with promising areas being support for innovations and investments in clean-tech companies.

In its business, CEZ Group follows strict ethical standards, including taking a responsible approach to its employees, society, and the environment.  We advocate principles of sustainable development, with an emphasis on the ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) sphere being an integral part of the management of our company. CEZ Group promotes energy efficiency as well as new technologies and creates equal opportunities and an environment for its employees’ professional growth, focusing on investments in modern technologies, science, and research.  A comprehensive objective in the responsible and sustainable development of CEZ Group is to rank among the top 20% of European utility companies in terms of the ESG rating by 2023.

Our corporate culture is centred around security, sustained growth of internal efficiency, support of innovations in the interest of the growth of CEZ Group values, and creating an environment for the professional growth of our employees.  CEZ has 27,000 direct employees, who take care of the delivery of energy and modern energy solutions to more than 3.5 million customers.  At the same time, the financial success of the CEZ Group helps build a foundation for the entire business environment of the Czech Republic.  Through its operations, CEZ Group creates more than 140,000 jobs among its subcontractors and business partners.

The Czech Republic is the most important shareholder of the CEZ parent company, holding nearly 70% of its share capital.  CEZ stock is traded on the Prague and Warsaw Stock Exchanges and is included in the PX and WIG-CEE stock indices.  Since its establishment, the company has paid hunderds of billion crowns to its shareholders in dividends.  This includes more than 800 billion crowns paid to the Czech state.

Clean Energy for Tomorrow

CEZ has significantly accelerated its transition to a future emission-free energy sector.  Our accelerated strategy “VISION 2030 – Clean Energy for Tomorrow” defines the strategic goals of CEZ Group through to 2030, taking into account the European Union’s decarbonisation vision and defining specific ambitions for the CEZ Group in the sphere of corporate social responsibility and sustainable development, aiming to maximise value for shareholders.

Our main strategic priorities:

  1. To transform our production portfolio to a low-emission portfolio, reaching climate neutrality by 2040;
  2. To provide the most advantageous energy solutions and the best customer experience on the market;
  3. To develop the CEZ Group responsibly and sustainably, in line with ESG principles.

Nuclear sources

  • We will safely increase production from our existing nuclear sources, to more than 32 TWh on average, and achieve a useful life of 60 years;
  • We will build a new nuclear block in Dukovany;
  • We will prepare to build small modular reactors (SMR) with an aggregate capacity of more than 1000 MW after 2040.

Renewable sources

  • We will build 1.5 GW in RSE by 2025, and 6 GW in RSE by 2030;
  • We will increase the installed capacity for power accumulation to at least 300 MWe by 2030

Classic sources

  • We will decarbonise the heating sector and transform our coal-burning sites for new activities after the discontinuation of coal;
  • We will build new gas capacity that will be ready to burn hydrogen;
  • We will decrease the share of power generated from coal, to 25% by 2025, and to 12.5% by 2030.


  • We will invest in Smart Grids and decentralisation, in order to further develop a stable digital distribution system, including development of fibre-optic networks.

Sale – Retail sector

  • We will digitise 100% of key customer processes by 2025;
  • We will maintain the highest NPS (Net Promoter Score) score of all large power suppliers, through increasing quality of services, and expand our customer base;
  • We will offer a product portfolio to households that will enable them to achieve energy savings and reduce emissions.

Sales – ESCO Sector

  • We will develop our role as the decarbonisation leader – permitting efficient emissions reduction and delivery of energy savings also for our clients in industry, municipalities, and state administration, in line with the EU target of achieving energy savings of 39–40%;

New segments

  • We will build an infrastructure for electric mobility – we will quadruple charging capacity, and by 2025, we will be operating at least 800 recharging stations.
  • We will expand our business into new areas: production of batteries, electric mobility, and hydrogen generati


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