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Promotion - Banners

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Promotion - Banners

Promotion - Banners

Let's work together to spread the news! Use these customisable banners to promote your participation in ETCSEE 2024.

Add these banners to your company website with a short event description. You can also combine the banners with a news article about the product that you plan to launch at the event, the service or technical solution that you will be showcasing or an invitation to meet you at your stand during a coffee break.




 ECTSEE 2024 exhibitor banner  

ECTSEE 2024 exhibitor banner


Don't forget:

  • Link the banners to your custom Invitation link; you can find it via the page 'Exhibitor Registration'
  • Add your logo and stand number to the banners (Photoshop is required to edit the banners)

Download All Banners



Download the event logo here


Questions? Contact us at and we will be glad to help you customise your banners!



Your e-mails are a great channel to promote ETCSEE 2024 to your network.

Download the customisable e-mail signature banner and start using it right away!

ETCSEE 2024 signature banner

Download All Banners

Share the final banner with your colleagues and (Sales) team. Do you need tips on how to add this banner to your email signature? Click here.

Please note: Photoshop is required to edit the banners

Questions? Contact us at and we will be glad to help you customise your banners.



Boost your social media campaign for ETCSEE 2024 with these tips and banners

Get Involved! Get Social! Maximise your Social Media Reach and Influence!

X logo

Use the official event hashtag and tag on X to increase the chances of your posts being seen by a larger audience!

#ETCSEE2024 @EnergyTradingEU

Enlit Europe LinkedIn logo
Follow ETCSEE on LinkedIn for the most recent updates on the event!


We did all the work, all you have to do is share these messages and use the banner we created for you!

Ready to tweet: click on the message you want to share and tweet away

Share the ETCSEE website on LinkedIn and add your message!

Share the ETCSEE website on Facebook and add your message!


Suggested messages (copy and paste to your LinkedIn or Facebook post):

  • We are exhibiting at #ETCSEE2024, 5-6 June, Budapest. Join us there! 
  • Visit us during #ETCSEE2024 in Budapest, 5-6 June!

ECTSEE 2024 social media banner

Download All Banners


Questions? Contact us at and we can help you customise your banners.



Social Media Tips

Our team has gathered some helpful tips when it comes to preparing your social media campaign around ETCSEE and your participation.

Which channels should I use?

For business-to-business communication, LinkedIn and Twitter are best suited to achieve your objectives. You can amplify your own social media campaigns by piggybacking on ours, tagging our channels (above) and using the official event hashtag #ETCSEE2024.

Tips for X

  • Invest time to follow and find new followers
  • Have fun with your followers and engage in conversations!
  • Like and retweet others’ tweets
  • Do 1-3 posts daily
  • Post 20% company news; 80% non-company news
  • Use pictures and video as often as possible
  • Use the customisable ETCSEE banners we share above, including your logo & booth number
  • Use the ready-to-tweet posts we shared above
  • Use 1-2 hashtags per post – use #ETCSEE2024
  • Tag X users in your posts for additional engagement - and include us too @EnergyTradingEU
  • 280 characters no longer includes hashtags

LinkedIn Top Tips

  • Invest time in encouraging followers
  • Send email invites through LinkedIn
  • Post content on Pulse
  • Link to your blog content
  • Consider infographics and use pictures & video as often as possible
  • Post daily, but only if you have something to say
  • Use the customisable ETCSEE banners we share above, including your logo & booth number
  • Repost industry news
  • Follow industry groups and post in them
  • Tag LinkedIn users (speakers, clients, prospects), companies and, of course, @ETCSEE_Energy_Trading_Central_&_South_Eastern_Europe to increase engagement