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Delivery Instructions

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Delivery Instructions

Delivery Instructions

If you wish to send a package to the Intercontinental Budapest Hotel for ETCSEE 2024, please follow these delivery instructions.


Labelling Instructions 

Clearly label each package, as follows: 


EVENT DATE: 5-6 June 2024

ORGANISER: Clarion Events   

COMPANY: [Your Company Name] + [Your name]

PACKAGE INFORMATION: [name, quantity, weight and the material of the products]


Delivery Address

Intercontinental Budapest Hotel
Contact person: Banquet / Gábor Doffek
Budapest Apaczai Csere J.U, 12-14
Budapest, 1052 Hungary


Please note: the hotel accepts deliveries on weekdays between 07:00-15:00; any other time has to be indicated.


Check and Confirm Delivery

Before dispatch, contact Lena Hartandi-Niesen, to give a notice when your package is supposed to be delivered, by what courier and the tracking number of the package.

Please state:

  • Delivery Date
  • Quantity / number of cases
  • Name of products
  • Weight
  • Material of products
  • Estimated Delivery Date
  • Date of Collection
  • Name of the courier company
  • Tracking number

Due to security reasons, the Hotel reserves the right to open all packaging. All parcels that are not clearly labelled will not be accepted. Deliveries must be paid on a freight-prepaid basis.

Please note that the hotel does not deal with customs clearance, therefore the boxes must be sent with DDP parity (delivered duty paid), otherwise they cannot accept packages.


Delivery, Storage & Pick Up

  • Earliest date of arrival: Friday 31 May
  • Latest date of pick up: before 18:00, Thursday 6 June

Due to limited storage space at the hotel, we kindly request you not to send any shipments for arrival before Friday 31 May.

All exhibits must be removed by 18:00 on Thursday, 6 June. Pick-up of packages must be scheduled accordingly.

Thank you for following the Intercontinental Budapest Hotel delivery and pick-up instructions.