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Additional Items 

If you would like to order any AV equipment or a wired internet connection for your stand, please request this via Bernhard AV GmbH (see below for contact details).

Bernhard AV GmbH - E:

Please add the following information to your request:

  • Event: ETCSEE 2023
  • Date: 14-15 June
  • Location: Hilton Vienna Park
  • Standno.: [to be added by yourself]

Order deadline: Monday 22 May

If you do not know your stand number, please contact Eloo Udokoro.

Should you have any questions regarding this, please send an e-mail to Lena Hartandi-Niesen.



Build-up period 

Build-up starts at 18:00hrs on Tuesday 13 June. 
Other build-up timings can be found on our Time Schedule page.




The organisers will take care of the general cleaning of the hall. The exhibitor is responsible for maintaining their stand in an acceptable state during the exhibition.


Conference Proceedings 

The official ETCSEE 2024 conference documentation will be available in the weeks after the event. A special link will be emailed to all delegates after the event.



Delivery of goods 

Please download the package label here and clearly state your company name + your name under "Additional Comments".

Before dispatch, contact Lena Hartandi-Niesen, to give a notice when your package is supposed to be delivered, by what courier and the tracking number of the package.

Please state:

  • Delivery Date
  • Quantity / number of cases
  • Name of products
  • Weight
  • Material of products
  • Estimated Delivery Date
  • Date of Collection
  • Name of the courier company
  • Tracking number

Due to security reasons, the Hotel reserves the right to open all packaging. All parcels that are not clearly labelled will not be accepted. Deliveries must be paid on a freight prepaid basis.

Please note that the hotel does not deal with customs clearance, therefore the boxes must be sent with DDP parity (delivered duty paid), otherwise they cannot accept packages.

Delivery Address:

Hilton Vienna
Attn. C&E Desk / Hilton Meeting Desk
Am Stadtpark 1
1030 Wien, Austria

Hotel website

Please note the hotel accepts deliveries on weekdays between 09h00-17h30; any other time has to be indicated.

  • Earliest date of arrival: Wednesday 7 June 2023
  • Latest date of pick up: before 18h00, Thursday 15 June 2023

Due to limited storage space at the hotel, we kindly request you not to send any shipments for arrival before the above-mentioned earliest arrival date of 7 June 2023.

See the Delivery Instructions page for more information.

All exhibits must be removed by 18h00 on Thursday, 15 June. Pick up of packages must be scheduled accordingly.



Full dismantling timings can be found on the Time Schedule page.

It is strictly forbidden to start dismantling before 15h15 on Thursday, 15 June. All exhibits must be removed by 18h00 on Thursday, 15 June. Please schedule your flights accordingly.




Each exhibitor/stand will have an electricity connection at their tabletop stand.


Exhibitor Stand 

The exhibition is a tabletop exhibition. Clarion Events will provide you with the following:
  • 1 high table
  • 2 high chairs
  • Electricity connection point
  • 1 waste bin



Height Restrictions 

The height restriction at your stand is 3 meters; please make sure that any structures are no higher than this.



We have arranged a limited number of discounted rooms at the Hilton Vienna Park hotel. If you would like to make use of these rooms at a discounted rate, then please click here.

See the Venue & Stay page for more information. 




Prior to the event, the payment of your exhibit or sponsorship package should be received by Clarion Events.
See the Rules & Regulations page for more details.



You can promote your participation in ETCSEE 2024 using customisable banners available in this portal: go to the page "Promotion - Banners" to check out the banners and download them. Different size banners are available, including a signature banner, as well as the event logo.



If you have any questions or require any assistance, please feel free to contact Lena Hartandi-Niesen.




All the information about registration is available on the page 'Exhibitor Registration'. All exhibitors need to register for the event via the Registration hub.

You and your team will also be able to send an unlimited number of invitations to your clients and network, so they can register at a discounted rate and meet you in Budapest. Check the page 'Exhibitor Registration' for more information.



Exhibitors shall take care of the safekeeping of their exhibits by themselves during the duration of the event.