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03 May 2024

Virtual Power Plant

energy & meteo systems Stand: 23

emsys VPP is a pioneer in the development and provision of Virtual Power Plants and is one of the world’s leading suppliers today. Our sophisticated software monitors and remote-controls in real-time numerous distributed energy resources, pulling maximum value from their consumption and generation on power markets and for a smart grid management. The Virtual Power Plant digitally connects renewable and conventional energy sources as well as various types of storage systems and demand-side resources. Distributed energy resources are thus turned into a single power pool whose generation you can flexibly adjust to grid requirements or trade profitably on international spot, intraday and balancing power markets.

Power traders, aggregators, energy providers and grid operators already control numerous distributed energy resources with our trend-setting technology. Our Virtual Power Plant is used in many international markets and can be easily adapted to the requirements of electricity markets, users and existing IT infrastructure.

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