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07 Jun 2023

Montel Group Brochure

Montel Stand: 14

The Montel Group brings together experienced energy sector professionals from across Europe, providing you with everything you need to track energy markets in real-time and assess future developments before they happen. We’re proud to say that our values have helped shape the growth of Montel Group. We built our business based on who we are, not just what we do, and we believe it’s one of the reasons we managed to spend more than thirty years helping people to follow the ever-changing energy markets. Our culture is based on openness and transparency, the same values we defend as a provider of information to the market. It’s also built on listening carefully – both to our oldest customers and our newest employees – which helps us cultivate relationships built on trust and mutual respect. So, even as our business, the people we work with and the world itself have changed through a pandemic, the energy crisis, and whatever may happen next, this has and always will remain a constant for the Montel Group.

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