WEBINAR: 10th of June

Flexibility available in the gas system can be used to support an electricity system marked by an increasing share of intermittent renewable power production. This element of sector coupling, can help with decarbonising the economy.

In this live web session we will discuss the future role of the gas system, analyse

the current policy landscape for gas decarbonisation and sector coupling, and above all, discuss how to ensure a market-based approach.

13:00 Gas sector decarbonisation and sector coupling – Ensuring a market based approach

  • 15 mins presentation by Christoph Riechmann, Director, Frontier Economics, UK

13:15 Panel discussion on coupling gas and power sectors

Moderator: Lorenzo Biglia, Regulatory and Market Design Manager at European Federation of Energy Traders - EFET

45 minute discussion with:

  • Christoph Riechmann, Director, Frontier Economics, UK
  • Gunnar Steck, Advisor Wholesale Gas Markets, EUROGAS, Germany
  • Kai Aldenhoff, Regulatory Affairs Manager | Gazprom Germania, Germany