ETCSEE is an excellent event for networking. We made very good contacts with existing and new clients, deepened our relationships and built up new relationships. It is the best place to be in Central and Eastern Europe.

Gottfried Steiner, CEO, Central European Gas Hub

It has always been our pleasure to attend and support ETCSEE’s traders’ conference in cooperation with Synergy. As the leading energy clearing service provider in the region, we consider this event an outstanding opportunity for networking and sharing our views on the growing importance of clearing and settlement services linked to energy trade. Interesting presentations, great venue, excellent organization. Looking forward to next year’s event. 

Károly Mátrai, CEO, KELER CCP

I think the event is very good, the only one I am actually attending. This is still THE best event in the region and I encourage you to continue.

Jozsef Balogh, Business Developer, Axpo Group

The event is my recommendation for traders from Central and South East Europe to attend next year because this is really the place where they can meet their future partners. 

Plamen Popov, Head of Trading SEE, Statkraf

It’s very easy to meet people, and that’s why we must be there.

David Kučera, CEO, PXE

ETCSEE has always been the best conference for the energy trading quarters to learn recent developments and trends in Central and South Eastern Europe energy markets. Thanks to knowledgeable speakers, good networking opportunities and high-level participants from the key players in the region, 2017 edition was also a terrific event. See you in 2018!

Eser Özdil, PETFORM

The people we wanted to see were there, and we’ve been able to make some very, very good connections, so it’s worked out well.

Dominic Cavanagh, Commercial Manager, MetDesk

Very good event for networking if you trade power in the CSEE region.

Dmytro Yegorov, ENERGIEALLIANZ Austria

This is an event that has become regular at our annual schedule and once again was on the expected high level.

Georgi Damyanov, Head of Trading and Market Research, Future Energy

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