CEE Power & Natural Gas CEE ETRM Survey

The CEE region of Europe is one in which power and gas markets are changing rapidly and, yet, there is a hang-over of politics and economics from the past. Not only is this reflected in market developments, but also in the existence of a multitude of local ETRM and service suppliers who hold installed bases in the region, and are more or less unheard of outside of it. 

Indeed, many geographic regions share the same characteristics in terms of having relatively unknown local vendors of ETRM software and services holding their own against larger and more well-known vendors.

ComTech is undertaking research into the CEE market ETRM universe in order to understand the region better, but also find answers to how and why small regional vendors continue to exist in what is an increasingly mature software market. 

To that end, we seek users of CEE ETRM software to complete our short survey.

Complete the survey here

The final report will be freely available from CTRMCenter when complete.

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