Blockchain Live Trade

The trade was done by Total's Head of Power Trading, Alexis Brière, and Iberdrola's Head of Portfolio Optimisation and Trading, Álvaro Urbasos, and it was the first blockchain trade in the French Power market.


Álvaro Urbasos, Head of Portfolio Optimisation and Trading at Iberdrola, comments: “Iberdrola is very pleased to be part of the first Blockchain energy transaction in the CEE region. This trade represents our support to the Blockchain initiative, which will allow us to better understand how wholesale energy markets could benefit from this new leading technology, with a potential to improve efficiency and security in energy transactions. Iberdrola is highly committed to digitalization and always tries to keep abreast of the latest technological advances.”

"For Total, this live blockchain power trade - the first on the French power market - offers the opportunity to improve our understanding of the blockchain technology and its potential applications to support our processes and businesses. This initiative could enable a leap forward for the whole trade lifecycle, making our market more efficient, more transparent and more reliable”, adds Alexis Brière, Head of Power Trading at Total.

The blockchain technology is an innovative way to perform transactions peer-to-peer.

Both traders used the Enerchain trading tool, developed by PONTON: "We at PONTON are happy to facilitate this trade with our Enerchain software. We see this as yet another step of the general decentralisation movement in the energy sector: after decentralised production and delivery, innovation doesn’t stop at trading wholesale products”, adds Michael Merz, Managing Director and Founder at the German software company.  

Enerchain allows to anonymously send orders though a trading screen. Counterparties use Enerchain to click on this order on screen to conclude a transaction – all done “peer-to-peer” without a marketplace operated by a third party. The tool supports energy products like day-ahead, monthly, quarterly and yearly baseload for power and gas. Find out more on Enerchain here: