Maria Spyraki
Member of
the European Parliament


Maria Spyraki has worked for 22 years as a journalist in the private sector and she is a member of the Union of Editors of Macedonia and Thrace (ΕΣΗΕΜΘ). She has also worked in the Press Office of the European Parliament in Athens during the period of 2003-2004, as well as the office of Greek Commissioner to the EU, Mr. Stavros Dimas, for the period 2004-2009. At the European Elections of 2014 she was elected first Member of the European Parliament with Nea Demokratia and she joined the European People’s Party. She is a member of the Committees on Regional Development (REGI) and on Industry, Research and Energy (ITRE), as well as a member of the EU-FYROM Joint Parliamentary Committee. Maria Spyraki is the Spokesperson of Nea Demokratia and an elected member of the Nea Demokratia Executive Board.