Some of the main questions this year's programme will focus on are:

  • What will the proposed EU Green Deal mean for the regional energy market?

  • What is the impact of coal phase-out and carbon pricing on the electricity trade and security of supply?

  • What are the challenges and perspectives for the Russian natural gas market?

  • How to improve market functioning in the SEE gas market?

  • What are the developments in European Cross-Border Intraday trading?

  • How is the demand for corporate sourcing linked to renewable energy assets picking up in CSEE?

  • How can we assure a market-based approach in gas sector decarbonisation and sector coupling?

Next to answering these questions, the more than 50 expert speakers from organisations such as the European Commission, SPIMEX, Shell, Re-Source, Hydrogen Europe, EFET, IETA, ESEPIE, Enteneo Energy Trading, Pure Energy, L-NRG Energy Trading and Eurogas, will present a wide array of specific regional developments and gas and power market pricing and trends.