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Following the easing of measures to stop the spread of coronavirus, paused or decelerated PPA negotiations are starting to regain momentum. What does the future for CPPA’s look like? How is the demand for corporate sourcing linked to renewable energy assets picking up? What are the standards for Corporate Power Purchase Agreement and what can we learn from best practices?


  • Kasper Walet, Founder and Managing Director, Maycroft


  • Jan Haizmann, Board Member, EFET
  • Mercè Labordena, Senior Policy Advisor, RE-Source
  • Jan Krcmar, Chairman of the Board of the Solar Association, Czech Republic

As a result of Europe’s energy transition, the need for flexibility is bigger than ever. The role of energy consumers in our energy markets is, therefore, growing in importance. But how do you facilitate the participation of consumers and communities in Energy Markets? How do you combine wholesale markets with new models for local flexibility? And what will the future hold for Consumer community platforms?


  • Michele Governatori, Founder, Derrick Energia


  • Massimo Bello, President, Association of Energy Traders and Retailers in Italy (AIGET)
  • Pieter Vanbaelen, Product Manager – Future Market Development, Elia
  • Philippe Vassilopoulos, Director of Product Development, EPEX SPOT


The ETCSEE LIVE ONLINE SESSIONS were a successful start of the conversation that will continue in November in Prague! Check these two webinars on demand in our digital platform:

European Energy prices in times of COVID-19 (9 June)

Although a recording of this session is not available for viewing, our speaker Matthew Monteverde, Argus Media, shares the "European Natural Gas" report.

Click HERE to read more about the session and download the report.

Gas Sector decarbonisation and sector coupling - Ensuring a market based approach

Flexibility available in the gas system can be used to support an electricity system marked by an increasing share of intermittent renewable power production. This element of sector coupling can help with decarbonising the economy.

In this live web session, we discussed the future role of the gas system, analysed the current policy landscape for gas decarbonisation and sector coupling, and above all, discussed how to ensure a market-based approach.


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